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    Rachel Evans
    Admissions Officer

    Recruiting Territory
    Brevard, Flagler and Volusia counties; North Carolina, South Carolina

    Contact Me

    Hometown: The Mississippi Gulf Coast
    Alma mater: University of Southern Mississippi

    About Me
    I have worked in the field of education since receiving my B.A. from USM. Since arriving in Florida, I have worked in the field of education serving as a public middle and high school language teacher. Later, I moved from the classroom into working with educational advocacy groups. Now that I am here at the University of Florida, I am happy that I am able to continue assisting talented high school students on their educational journeys.

    Favorite Campus Location

    The J. Wayne Reitz Student Union is my favorite location on campus because it serves many purposes. You can find a variety of things to eat at the food court, shop in the bookstore, or utilize the numerous study/work areas. It has a central bus stop hub, which allows you to get to anywhere on campus.

    Favorite UF Fun Fact
    The UF colors (orange and blue) derive from the two founding schools that make up what we now know as the University of Florida.

    Admissions Advice
    Remember to articulate well all aspects of YOUR student experiences, highlighting quality over quantity. There is only one "you" in this world. So, if your experiences are presented well, that will automatically give you a unique application which will stand out.

    For Students
    We offer both in-person and virtual visit opportunities, as well as a virtual tour you can take from anywhere in the world! Learn more and register at

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