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    Nikki Fleming
    Welcome Center
    Admissions Officer

    Recruiting Territory
    Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Sumter counties; Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

    Contact Me

    Hometown: Bradenton, FL
    Alma mater: University of Florida

    About Me
    I am a UF alumna, and I love being able to share my love for this school to prospective students. I may be biased, but UF is the best place to be! Outside of work, you may find me trying out a new coffee shop, floating in a tube down one of our beautiful natural springs or playing with my yellow lab, Riley.

    Favorite Campus Location

    My favorite campus location would have to be Lake Alice and the Bat Barns & Bat House. This location is a great spot to put up a hammock between the trees, catch up on work, watch the sunset and sometimes see a real-life alligator! The bats emerging from their home at dusk is an experience no one would want to miss.

    Favorite UF Fun Fact
    With our 1,000+ student organizations, there's a little something for everyone. When I was a student, I was actively involved in a dance club on campus. There are actually 67 student organizations related to fine arts!

    Admissions Advice
    Focus on detail! We have a very holistic review process. When typing up your involvement and extracurricular activities, put in as much detail as you can. For example, if you just put "community service organization, 100 hours," that doesn't really tell me much. You didn't explain what you did with the organization, if you had an impact on that community, if you held a leadership position or how often you did it. Even small details that you don't think are important can greatly improve your explanation of that activity. This will also give us an idea of the type of schedule that you had outside of school. Use your text boxes wisely and don't let them go to waste!

    For Students
    We offer both in-person and virtual visit opportunities, as well as a virtual tour you can take from anywhere in the world! Learn more and register at

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