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    Azaari Mason
    Admissions Officer

    Recruiting Territory
    Hardee, Highlands,
    Osceola and Polk
    counties; Michigan

    Contact Me

    Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
    Alma mater: University of Florida

    About Me
    I'm originally from Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to the U.S. in 2008 and settled in Palm Beach County, FL where I completed high school. I am a proud UF alumnus with bachelor's degrees in Political Science and African-American Studies. Go Gators!

    Favorite Campus Location

    Turlington Plaza – a fun hang out spot in between or after classes to socialize with other students, learn about student organizations (during tabling hours), and enjoy performances!

    Favorite UF Fun Fact
    We are the only Division I school with titles in NCAA Football and Men's Basketball in the same season/year; we won both in 2006.

    Admissions Advice
    The more details we receive, the better we can evaluate an application. There are no letters of recommendation or interviews in the freshman admission evaluation process so the onus is on the applicant to share as much useful information as they possibly can in the application itself.

    For Students
    We offer both in-person and virtual visit opportunities, as well as a virtual tour you can take from anywhere in the world! Learn more and register at

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