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    Alexander Murphy
    Admissions Officer

    Recruiting Territory
    Palm Beach county

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    Hometown: Clearwater, FL
    Alma mater: University of Florida

    About Me
    As a Florida native, I appreciate and enjoy Gainesville's natural landmarks and state parks. Outside of the Office of Admissions, I travel internationally to challenge my understanding of global perspectives. Through dance and choreography, I enjoy exploring, creating and sharing ideas and experiences from various cultures.

    Favorite Campus Location

    The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. I spent a lot of time here during my final undergraduate years exploring the various exhibits and also interned as a Choreographer-In-Residence. With plenty of natural sunlight and open space, the museum has allowed me to choreographically explore a range of topics to intertwine two art forms and the influence one can have on another.

    Favorite UF Fun Fact
    UF offers extensive resources, services and support for students interested in research. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, UF research encourages students to explore interests both inside and outside of their chosen major.

    Admissions Advice
    Really let yourself shine through your essay! I always tell students to select three or four topics of interest, and whichever topic you can be most passionate about is the topic that you should choose. Your essay and application show us who you are and what you're interested in, so please be as specific and detailed as possible while bragging about how awesome you are!

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